Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's Labor Day weekend, and what do we decide to do? Go to a major tourist attraction - an amusement park...and hope and pray that we don't stand in line all day.

We decided that since we hadn't been before, we would do the Twilight Pass (from 4-10pm) and get the whole situation figured out during the (hopefully) not so busy hours.

We hit the water park first since it closed at 6 and spent a couple of hours there.

Here's my little sidekick while the big kids went on the monster slides with Daddy.

The water park is called Boomerang Bay. It was like an amusement park all on it's own. The lines took forever, but the rides down were SWEET! Sydney and I hung out in the splash area a lot, but we did go on that big green slide pictured above. She yelled as we went down, "Now, that's what I'M talking about!!" I love that girl!

The Snoopy area - where all the Sydney-sized rides lived. She was in heaven! (The red track above is the high drop on Intimidator...A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Savi went on it TWICE! Once with Mom, once with Dad...LUCKY!)

Daddy was too tall for this one, so I got the honor of taking them on this ride. I soon found out why....anyone above kid-height got their ears boxed on the restraint....aye-yi-yi!

Waiting in line for one of the rides we could all go on together! Love that!

That's a $5 corn dog right there, folks! (Now multiply that by 5, add ONE order of $5 fries and free water...and call it dinner) We're not trying to be cheap...but really? And don't even ask me about the $7 Icees that Savi was asking for!

I tried to get a night shot from the Sky Tower of Intimidator while Dad and Savi were on it..this is the best I could do. ;)

Happy kids on the Balloon Chase...those spinning kids rides did me in! I almost lost my cookies on Peanuts Pirates (basically Teacups). And Sydney jumped off and wanted to "go again, go again"! Hurl.
We couldn't go on all the rides she wanted to, YET..

But we found some good substitutes while the big kids went on the Water Rafting Ride.

All in all, a good time! We'll definitely make it an annual event.

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