Thursday, September 17, 2009


We have lots to do, lots and lots. Now that the kids are back in school we try to accomplish the out of the house stuff with just the two of us. It's easier that way. It's like a date!

Sometimes, we have to go so quickly, we don't have time to sit at the table and (wait for Sydney to) eat. Luckily, she likes a brown bag snack.

I discovered the mini juicy juice boxes. She.Will.Not.Drink.Big.Ones. Oh, no, she won't. (Did I mention she's OCD?) So in goes a juicy juice - mini size, a string cheese and a bag of dry cereal or crackers.

The day I took this pic, we had 3 visiting teaching appointments. She lasted through them all without any crying, whining or complaining. Happy Girl. Happy Mom.

Snacks. They Rock. They are portable, and make her portable too.

I love my little sidekick!


  1. I'm happier when I have snacks in my bag, too. Just ask Meg. She keeps taking photos of candy she finds in my purse!

  2. She may be OCD, but she's also CUTE!