Friday, September 25, 2009

Phone Harrasment

I'm being harrassed! 3 calls a day, daily, from Citigroup (for over a week now). I pick up, nobody there. This morning, there was someone there....asked for Chris, I asked if I could give him a message. They hung up. WHA?

I called the # back FURIOUS and asked to be removed from their list FOREVER. Has to be in writing. Asked if she could tell me WHY the calls. She said it was probably a retail account like Home Depot or Staples, and I must be delinquient. NOPE. No retail accounts. Never been delinquient....A+ credit over here.Finally figured out that it is connected to the new cards I got in the mail 2 weeks ago....they said their account info had been compromised and they were going to auto-close the account Oct 6 to prevent fraud. I waited to activate the new cards because I had a couple of returns to make....
But 3x a day, and all hang-ups??? Really???...

I logged a series of complaints and suggestions. And managed not to swear...


  1. Our local bank calls for Mark all the time. They don't leave a message. I tell them the only time to reach him is in the evening. I'm on the account but they won't talk to me. The next day, they call during the daytime, even though I just told them he's only available at this number in the EVENINGS. I think they're trying to push new products or services because there is NOTHING wrong with our account. Grrrr... good for you for filing complaints. If there was a true fraud problem, they wouldn't be hanging up and they also would have sent an email and called cell phone numbers leaving urgent messages. Badly handled, if it's truly compromised.

  2. UGHHH! we get the SAME thing from B of A....they're fraud prevention program calls at least 3 times a day!!! DRIVES ME NUTS!!! but good for you...i can't believe you didn't swear! lol

  3. @S- I asked why there wasn't a message left if it was important enough for 3 calls per day...she said they are not allowed to leave messages b/c if it is a shared household that could present a problem...lame.
    Ane it is MY account, for some reason Chris is the promary name on it, but it's my daily card that I use for ALL purchases and pay off monthly.

    I don't understand why, in a case like this, there wasn't an automated message reminding you to activate your new cards...that way if you hadn't received them you would know there was a problem.

  4. I know A! I took all my willpower. I just keep silently repeating the mantra, "more bees with honey!"

  5. We kept getting calls like that from Kaiser, except it is always a recording calling, so I can't even ask what it's about. Totally lame.