Friday, September 25, 2009

Super Grandma

Oh MY! I knew my Mom was amazing, but she really out-did herself this time. She pulled out this morning, ready for a day long road trip, clean car and all...and I can't lie....I panicked a little...I've gotten used to having her here.

Not only did she fly to my rescue in a time of need, short notice as it was, she ENTERTAINED like no other.

There were movies, park play time, shared dinners with local relatives, aquarium trips, dollar store outings, getting them off to school and taking them to church, t-ball games, skits, discipline support (backing up the things I am already working on), meals, etc. And don't forget the house showings, and keeping the house in order since it's on the market!
Not to mention repairing the damage to the house when a pushy realtor, without a confirmed appointment PUSHED the door open breaking the chain lock by pulling the screws from the wall (while my Mom was in the house)...the nerve!

And when I returned, she stayed on to play, and continued to provide support around the house and with the kids.

I even got to get up and go bowling on Wednesday and leave Sydney asleep in bed. HEAVEN. (and she slept until 11:30am because she had had a late nap and was up until past 1am...brutal) She made us dinner...after I was home! BLISS.

Mom, you are amazing. We love you for all that you are, and all that you do to bless our lives. (And Daddy, thank you thank you thank you, for sharing!)



  1. awwww yay! CUTE pic...we are so lucky to have such a super grandma in this family!! tell the critters we say hi!!! and tell that realtor she better watch who's family she's messing with!!

  2. I have always loved your Mom so much! It's not surprise she is a fabulous Grandma now too!

  3. It was great to spend some unstructured time with you and the kids, Nat, and thanks for letting me OCD on the laundry, letting the kids supply my grandma closet with a bag of great little chotchkys, replenishing my loaner stash of little kids' clothes, and putting up with my generally disrupting a normally smooth-running family schedule. Try as I may, I could not make bedtime happen before 10:30. I'm just sayin. I may be the grandma, but there are limits! Hugs--M

  4. Your mom is so awesome! I can't believe the realtor did that to the door. Did they at least pay for the damage?