Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wheels In Motion

Hmmmm, I guess all it took was a post about how we are WAITING for something to finally happen!

That's right, Chris got the call and was OFFICIALLY offered the job in Charlotte yesterday! We are moving! We are thrilled that it is finally moving forward after all these months.

Now on to the lists of things that need to be done to move our family 2,044 miles! I am just SO happy to be on the way and out of limbo!

Hopefully before the month's out, you'll see one of these in our yard.


  1. Congratulations, but I can't believe you are moving so far away. We Haavvveee to get together before you go! I bed Summer and Sydney would play really well together now.

  2. i'm sad you're leaving...but i can't wait to visit you in charlotte!!! how exciting!!!