Friday, April 9, 2010

Imagination Games

I love when my kids are playing happily amongst themselves. We have our good days and our bad days. Especially when there is a break from routine, like Spring Break, they tend to struggle to not pick at each other. Which makes the times that they get along, even sweeter.

Yesterday afternoon, the kids were playing school, I thought. I checked on them and they were happy....they played for the better part of an hour before moving it outside. Later that evening while picking up, I found some sheets of paper that had one of the kids names at the top and a list of 4 super powers each. (this is verbatim)

1. Turn things into weather, ex. lava into water/rain
2. force field
3. hop on things really fast
4. time travel

1. Make weather come
2. step in lava without getting hurt
3. crush things (isn't this just perfect for him!? LOL)
4. transform things

1. run very fast
2. make things pretty
3. gun hands (think jazz hands, but with guns)
4. read minds

I laughed and laughed while reading these! This morning when I asked them about it, they said there wasn't a name to this game, they were just deciding which super powers they each had, and they had come up with them each on their own! I just love how kids use their imaginations!

AND, how do they even know about force fields, time travel and mind reading??? Boggling!


  1. I asked Gunnar and Savannah how they learned about force fields and they said, "TV!"

    Good thing you got Cable. ;P

  2. I was dying from laughing so hard. Those super powers fit each one of them so well!! Loved Syd's powers- it's ironic that she can make things pretty and yet have gun hands! such great imaginations!!

  3. That's totally it! If I had superpowers, they would be 1) make my kids stop whining, 2) make my kids sleep in, 3) make my kids listen to me, and 3) do laundry & clean with the snap of my fingers. The end.