Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has SpRuNg!

...and all these little surprises keep happening in our yard. The best thing about the 1st year in a new home and city is the way the landscape changes with the seasons. I didn't expect as much drama in this climate. Boy, was I wrong!

North Carolina is such a beautiful place to begin with. I was in awe of the painted sunsets that shone through our lichen-covered tree trunks right out of our back windows all through the winter.
And now, look what Spring has brought us! I can hardly see the kids through the woods as they explore and collect caterpillars for their leaf-filled keeper. I can't wait until they build their cocoons!

We thought this small and delicate tree was a crape myrtle, right outside the office window. Upon returning from our trip to Gatlinburg we discovered that it is a beautiful little white flowering dogwood, it's flowers had popped within the previous 3 days! It is such a gorgeous tree and I'm so happy we have one. Dogwoods are also the state tree!
If ever there was a Wisteria Lane... They climb the trees here, (these are at least 60-75 feet tall) and it's absolutely breathtaking to see the spots where it's just taken over!

Here's a close-up of the flowers, aren't they so pretty?

We had a steep warm up (90s) a few weeks ago, but now it is closer to the norm, low 70s. Chris has been busy planting trees and shrubs, 18 to be exact. We almost have the natural border on one side of our house complete. We're just waiting for the nursery to get in some Dawn Redwoods. They'll go in the spaces with no bark at present. Hopefully in the next week or so!

And possibly my favorite part about Spring is that it is now berry and melon season! I made a strawberry shortcake for a girlfriend/birthday lunch at our house yesterday. Such a simple, yet delicious treat!

What do you love about Spring?


  1. Those pics don't even do the wisteria justice - so awesome!

    I am loving not having to wear two layers and gloves to run anymore (although the pollen in the air is quite the trade-off)!

    I'll take some of that strawberry shortcake now. Getting ready to make my first sourdough tonight...well, the dough part. I will be baking it Saturday, after it's had 18 hours to, well, get sour....woot, woot!

  2. Those woods look like kid heaven! I can't even imagine wysteria on that scale--what a dreamscape that must be. And now you need a pink dogwood to go with the white one, don't you? The border you've got going is really impressive--do you have one to do on the other property line, too? And I suppose you have some solid evidence that the redwoods will do well there...

  3. What beautiful pictures. You live in such a beautiful area.

  4. @Kathy - Yes, there are Dawn Redwoods all over Uptown. They are just starting to do their thing the last few weeks and are just beautiful! Chris has ALWAYS wanted to plant some in our yard, but they were not known to do that well in our last climate - - too dry.

    We have plans for the other property line too, on the other side of the swing set....they are currently framing the house next door, so when that house is done and their sod is in, we can do that. It may be the fall, which is the next best time to plant trees here. I'm hoping I can talk Chris into another dogwood or 2. :)

  5. By the way, are those little green surprises hostas? That name keeps springing to mind. What fun!

  6. Yes, those are hostas. We had them at our last house too. But these are the variegated variety. They shoot up little purple flowers throughout the summer. We have about 6 of them next to the dogwood tree near our 2 hydrangea bushes and some rhododendron.

  7. It looks totally awesome. Spring always makes me want to go out and dig and plant things. I'm so excited we actually have a yard now.

  8. wow it looks amazing! will you come help me landscape!? :) it really is gorgeous nat, i wish we could come visit. i miss you guys! give the kiddos hugs for us!!