Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tree Huggers Unite!

Chris finally found his Dawn Redwoods and was able to complete our whole border! It looks even better than I imagined it could. There are 5 Little Gem Magnolias, 3 Dawn Redwoods and 2 Nellie Stevens Holly Trees (can't see them in this pic). The shrubs are planted in twos, and are labeled in the above picture, except for the ones on the very back end....I think they are Viburnum... If you're counting, we're at 10 trees and 10 shrubs in that border! And he dug all those holes and spread 46 bags of mulch with his own hands!
I'm so glad that he loves to work in the yard! It is turning out so beautifully, and I know we will love and appreciate it even more because of all the research and work he put into it!

He'll be mowing the grass all summer long, but I think we will be waiting to plant the other side of the yard until fall when the landscaping will be all done next door at the house currently under construction.

Yay for Trees! And....Happy Earth Day this week! Don't forget the 3 Rs!


  1. Looks AWESOME! I can't believe how much you guys are already into spring. Our daffodils just barely bloomed and I'm dying for the tiny leaf buds on our bushes and trees to hurry up and grow already.

  2. Your yard in Utah looked so good, and this one looks even better! I might have to hire Chris to help us with ours someday!

  3. Natalie - that really is gorgeous work! I love how the textures and leaf color have such variety. Compliments to Chris on such a beautiful border. :-) Hugs!

  4. THink of how great it will be when Gunnar can mow the lawn. Talk bout a happy day! Give Chris a pat on the back it looks great!