Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mission 10K: Accomplished

Back in January, my sister Kasey had a crazy idea that I might love running a 10K. That it would help motivate me to make running more of a priority after the busy moving season I'd just come through. She even threw in the lure of a visit in the Spring, so she could run WITH me! How could a girl possibly refuse an offer like that!?!? Win, win, win!

After 8 weeks of training, I was ready! I even ran 6 miles last week, so, mentally and physically, I knew I was capable. Add the adrenaline that comes from a race day atmosphere and approx. 3000 other runners (not to mention a caffeinated pack of GU at the mile 3 mark), and it was pretty much a party!

It was a beautiful course, tree lined rolling streets, beautiful homes and yards....for every uphill there was the reward of a downhill. It was pretty much perfect and an awesome experience!

This was my favorite part of the course, between miles 4-5.

We all felt great and were happy about how we ran it....even though the steepest hill was at 5.5 miles....killer!

Here we are, the 3 girls in pink! My sister Kasey, me and my friend Shanda who helped me through the long training runs the last few weeks! Thanks to these girls, I am now a runner!

I haven't seen the final stats, they're not posted yet, but I came in somewhere around 1:08-1:10....which I'm told is not too shabby for a first-timer.

And when it was all said and done, my sister even made me a post-race treat. Wheat Berries with greek yogurt and sauteed apples and cranberries! She is the! It was soooooo good!

And, of course, we needed some pedicures tonight! Parrafin wax, "WHERE have you been all of my life?"

We're thinking of making this an Annual Sister/Girlfriend Event! You in?


  1. OH THE WAX DIP! isn't it the BEST?! You will want to put your feet on everyone...just so they can feel how soft they are! SO awesome!

    Congrats, Nat! You did it, AND you did a smokin' job! I got the same time for my first 10K and I felt like I trained my pants off, man. You rock.

    And YES. I think a Sister/FRIEND ( 10K sounds like a BLAST. Best line ever. I'm totally going to use that this week. Be flattered!

  2. I'm so happy I was able to come out and share your first race experience with you. You were awesome! Welcome to the addict club....are you itching or twitching, yet?

    @Meg - Next April. Start savin' your pennies for a trip to Charlotte!

  3. LOVE IT! Way 2 Go! Keep it up and you might even lose a few toenails!

  4. Umm, I didn't get any wheat berries with sauteed cranberries and apples.