Friday, August 13, 2010

Crowder's Mountain

Chris took the day off last Friday so we could have some family time. And, that we did! It almost felt like a vacation, or more accurately a STAYcation. :)

We decided we would take the 45 minute trip to the closest peak and do a bit of hiking. Chris had bagged this one in the winter and wanted to show it to our local Mountain Goats because it has a lot of rocky terrain up top.

Here is the view up top. I think the peeps in the foreground are the best part though.
It was a short hike...less than 2 miles up, but pretty steep. Add to that, Sydney's first hiking season out of the backpack, and it took a while to get up there. But she did it! And she was loving climbing on all the jutting rocks. The way down was actually harder than the hike up...our poor toes were sore!
You have to stay close in a place like this though. There were plenty of sheer drop-offs. Made my knees hurt just watching them near the edges.... They were good and respectful of my nervous Mommy-heart though.

See what I'm talking about? Those are the tops of really tall trees down there..

If you plan to come visit us, we might just coax you to come along on this hike! It's fun!



  2. AH! I couldn't do it. No cliffs for me.