Monday, August 16, 2010

Make Up Monday: Chimney Rock

Day 3 of our recent trip to Asheville (okay, so it was over a month ago, that's why it's Make Up Monday!) we drove to Chimney Rock. The route was twisty country roads, about 45 minutes worth.

We're talking "Moonshine Territory" but the kudzu was a sight to behold!

It's a vine that basically climbs everything and slowly chokes it to death....a total blight, but pretty while it's about it's destruction. The light was so pretty that morning too...I made Chris pull over so I could get a decent shot of Kudzu Kingdom.

Isn't it gorgeous? Big, bright green leaves everywhere!

Chimney Rock is a bit tricky as far a State Parks go. It's a recent purchase for North Carolina, 2007, and has been run for decades privately by the family of the man who bought the land 105 years ago. Part of the purchase agreement allows the family to basically still run the show and gouge you. It's pretty much a tourist trap...but we managed to have a nice day there.

There is a system of stairs that you can take up from the bottom....or you can take the elevator. We figured the way to go on a hot and humid day was elevator UP and stairs DOWN. It worked out pretty well for us! Especially because we had plans to hike the lower trail after our picnic lunch. You can see above, the stairs leading to the rock itself, and the lookout point.

Up top. Those rails were pretty antiquated....I wasn't counting on them for any real protection...I'm just saying...

On the way down. This also happened to be Sydney's last hurrah in the backpack! She's all hiker, all the time now!

Mid-trail lookout.
I love the river bisecting the valley down below. If you could zoom you'd see lots of kids splashing along the banks!

The view UP from the lower trail.
Loooook at the cute Mountain Goats we found! Hehe..

We took a hike along the Hickory Nut Falls Trail to a waterfall and wading pool. The kids got good and wet. The blog title picture is from this spot. :)

Happy Critters...

And here is the view looking out from the falls. Looks pretty peaceful, eh?

We love exploring unchartered territory, and this definitely fit the bill!


  1. It's amazing how much NC looks like AR...especially the kudzu covering everything. That's what the street leading to our house looks like in the Spring.

    Fun hike! I can't believe Sydney's hiking on her own full time now.

  2. looks like another fun adventure for the east coast hovik's