Sunday, August 15, 2010

Funny Face

We try to find opportunities to have unstructured hiking, adventuring, or bike riding time as often as possible. We've found that those times are what the kids remember.

Recently on a hike (Mt Mitchell) we stopped mid-day to have a picnic lunch in an open air cabin and really enjoyed the scenery and the company.

The kids decided to have a Funny Face Contest. Savannah had the idea after I snapped a picture of Sydney and she made one spontaneously.... She wanted it posted on the blog so you could all judge who had the best funny face.

So, here you go! Leave your votes in the comments! ;)

Savi - the aggressive.
Gunnar - the slightly surprised, but happy.
Sydney - the "WHaaaaaaT?"


  1. My votes for Savi but all of them are good.

  2. oh man....i love them all! what a tough call!! but i laughed the hardest at savi's! what a doll! give those kids a hug for us :)