Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump Day Happies :)

These are all things that have made me smile the last week or so that I've been too busy playing nursemaid, cook, housekeeper, etc, etc, to blog about!

Sharing my favorites with new friends.
(marinated artichokes)

Pyros being enabled by their pyro-Dad.

That we had enough snow 10 days ago to build THIS HUGE SNOWMAN...and it was gone by the next day.
Getting crafty with $3.50 grapevine wreaths and 7 Dollar Store silk branches for my front doors. I absolutely LOVE forsythia! It is the first thing that blooms in the Spring. They would have cost me at least $50 to buy pre-made!

Needing to replace my floor lamp (because a critter knocked it over one too many times), and ending up with something I love EVEN MORE! For a supa-gonga! I also love my new money tree! Don't you?

What made you happy this week?

1 comment:

  1. yum! those artichokes look delicious! i still can't believe how much snow you guys had! that's crazy! and way to go on the wreaths, you domestic little thing :) you make me happy!