Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow DayS!

We got an inch of Ice and Snow overnight on Friday. AN INCH. However, it was in the teens, and no snow removal equipment PLUS drivers inexperienced with driving in the snow = SNOW DAY!!

Chris went out and shoveled the driveway so the kids could build snowmen with the piles he made for them. Then they sledded down our driveway. It has a nice little slope in the front!
Here is the view of our back woods and the frozen over little pond in the trees. A few weeks ago when we were single digits for a few days running the kids were out there skating in their sneakers and having a grand old time.

It is really pretty, but it's hard when it means you can't go anywhere.

Church was canceled Sunday.

School was canceled Monday. Although, it should've just been a delay because it is sunny and beautiful today and the roads are all but dry now, mid-afternoon. Now they will have a make-up day on President's Day.

Every Charlottean has been pretty much housebound the last 2-3 days and with the kids home we're all trying to find a place to let them work off that cabin fever. We picked Chick-fil-A because it has an indoor playground. I think we were ALL thinking the same thing. We were hard-pressed to find a table. Ahh, such is life. Tomorrow they should be back in school and life will return to normal. :) NOW I know what a snow day is. I lived in Utah for 14 years and never had a single one, and we had many days that we had a foot of snow on the road. LOL The right equipment makes ALL the difference!


  1. I always think it is so funny to hear about snow days when there is barely any snow. Haha It would be totally worth it if you didn't have to make up the day.

  2. I love snow days. Maybe because there are so few of them living in Utah.

  3. I am with Lenice, snow days in Utah are so few and far between. Love them while you've got them. We miss you sooo much.