Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"You asked for it!"

Dear Sydney,

I love you so much my baby girl! But....you are STUBBORN! And you reallllllly don't like to have your hair brushed.

It is thin.

It tangles easily.

And lately, it's been bad. Everyday. Screaming. Crocodile Tears. I asked you, "Should we just cut it off?" Your reply, "YES!"

And so now you are Sydney of the shoulder length hair. Here's hoping for more smiles, and less tears in the morning!

Love, Mom


  1. She's looking so grown up! Fine and thin are a constant battle! (We have that at our house, too!) I hope Mommy and Syd are both happier with less tangles!

  2. OK, so it is darling! The only unfortunate part of it all is that she has gone from the sweet little boo to a cute little girl. I love it!