Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pick Your Battles!

Which of these things is not like the others, which of these things just isn't the same?? Can you hear the tune in your head?

If it was up to you, which would YOU choose to wear? Believe it or not, my resident, almost 7 year old, only son, would choose Front and Center!

He has this thing with shoes. If they are not flip flops, they don't FEEL good. And we can't wear flip flops in sleet, or rain, to school, or church...EVER. All of my kids are picky about the way their clothes feel. Savi, won't wear jeans....must have stretchy pants! Sydney....no puffy stuff...it bugs her to have tulle under her skirt...or fluff in her jacket. Such is life. I pick my battles. I only have time to fight so many.

These shoes were purchased at the start of the school year. And are the ONLY shoes he would wear, ANYWHERE. Even in the snow, and rain...and they started to smell. Like rotting corn. As did his feet. Ewwww. And the gauntlet was thrown down.

After 3 very unsuccessful shopping trips where gnashing of teeth and wailing were involved on all sides, I went online. I searched HIGH and LOW for the PERFECT shoes. One pair for school. One for church. I found 2 excellent, high quality, pairs! Victory dance!

I told the boy they were on their way. I did my best. I hope he appreciates them. That when they arrived, the other shoes would disappear, and I crossed my fingers.

Bless his heart, the day they arrived, he tried to put on a brave face. Shoe fittings do not have a happy context for him. It ended in tears and flinging of shoes. I calmly replaced them in their boxes, pronouncing, "I have done my best, ALL I CAN DO, and I.AM.DONE!" Which brought on hysterics.

The CORNY shoes were still disappearing. He would learn to break in a shoe. I.WAS.DONE.

The new shoes sat on the kitchen counter for a couple of days. Saturday night Dad backed me up by saying, "Your Mom and I have gone to effort and expense to provide you nice shoes. They will not be returned. You will wear them tomorrow. End of discussion." Love it when Dad steps in and reinforces!! <3

And guess what? We all survived. He is wearing BOTH pairs of shoes for their designed intent. He is smiling, and saying, "MOM, you were RIGHT!" Music to my ears...


  1. i refused to wear anything scratchy, with a tag, tight, denim, etc etc etc until 7th grade. You will find photos of me as a child wearing HUGE t shirts and knit pants. I looked like an orphan (especially with the unruly curly hair). 7th grade hit, and my mom pulled the one card that no parent ever pulls. She actually pointed out the popular girls in the class. She asked me to pay attention to what they were wearing. When I said "jeans", she purchased a pair for me.

    I wore them.
    Once I got used to wearing one pair, I wanted another.
    If only she'd used the same method on doing my hair. I might have gotten it under control earlier.

  2. I love it when Dad jumps in too. Way to go on the shoe battle. My problem is that my kids get the new shoes and then wear them outside and with wet socks and then in no time at all they are stinky shoes again...'Kenz is the worst...well 'Action is really bad too...I guess I know why my shoe room smells so bad.

  3. I think in celebration of your victory, you should go to BCBG and get that white coat. :)