Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Tunes

On the way to school the kids and I were discussing how much we love Christmas music. I asked each of them which song was their favorite of all the ones they know and/or have heard.

Here is our list, this year...

Dad - Jingle Bells (the Batman Smells version) and also O Holy Night
Mom- O Holy Night, especially sung by Josh Groban (this has been mine since about 2002)
Savi - Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
Gunnar - Feliz Navidad! (I think this has something to do with the fact that his class has been practicing it all week for a performance next week)
Sydney - "Santa BeeeeBeeeee" She went on to sing the cutest rendition of this song I have ever heard....I could hardly contain myself as she belted out, "Hurry down the Chimneeeeee to-niiiiighhhht!"

I've included below the link to my favorite Christmas song EVER (as mentioned above). I also love Mary's Lullaby AKA "Baby, All Mine"....but it'll take a lot to knock this one from it's current spot.

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas enjoying all of the music with your loved ones!


  1. I'm dying to hear Syd sing Santa Baby!

    I like the ornament candles in your header pic, too.

  2. I think mine has to be Silent Night in German, that my grandma used to sing. Although, Syd would definately be a close second.

  3. O Holy Night is my favorite, too. Possibly because my dad used to sing it in Sacrament Meeting every year. That Josh Groban version is awesome! Thanks for sharing.