Thursday, December 17, 2009


out for a REAL table.

This kid table has been better than nothing, but now that the clutter has hit the nook really needs something more...ummmm...dignified!

It only needs to serve as a breakfast table, or lunch for 2, since that is all that usually is here at lunchtime.

Search as I might, I'm having a hard time finding the "right" table. I'm thinking cherry, square (42x42), counter height (36) 5-pc dinette.

Every time I get close, there is something missing..

Wish me luck!


  1. So, tell me...who's idea was that first? ;) LOL!

    You'll find it!

  2. Ahahahahahaha!

    Touche'! Chris fell in love with your square table and insists that ours also be square...albeit a smaller version.

  3. Have you found your table, yet?