Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Traditions Continued

We usually decorate for Christmas the 1st weekend in December. This year, as the moving boxes had puked all over the new house, that just wasn't possible that weekend. However, we finally caught up and were able to do it the 2nd weekend.

We love Noble Firs, but those are not common here, so in a new North Carolina Tradition, we selected a Fraser Fir. It is a little floppier than we are used to, but it smells DIVINE! It's also reeeaaaallllly thirsty!!
We put on our Bing Crosby Christmas CD, and Daddy does the lights. Next, Mom does the tinsel, it's something only she can do just right.

Then we break out the ornaments. Everybody loves looking for the ones that are special to them. It is wonderful to have a hodge-podge ornament tree, when the ornaments are sentimental. We generally share lots of laughs as we remember the years we acquired them, and in some circumstances, the loved ones who gave them.
The kids are all big enough to do a pretty good job selecting the right branches based on the ornaments. Sydney had a favorite branch, and ALL of her ornaments ended up there. Not to worry, the elves fixed it up after we all went to bed, wink, wink..
And when all is said and done, the skirt goes on, the lights are plugged in, and we sit back and admire our beautiful tree...and think of the reason for this beautiful season...sometimes with hot chocolate...

What is your favorite Merry Christmas tradition?

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