Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Setting Up House

We have been in our new home for about a week and have been busily setting it up. It has been quite a chore finding a new "place to live" for every item we have...some things have not made the cut...and it was with relief that we were able to put the trashcan on the curb yesterday. I still have to make a LARGE trip to Goodwill after I finish everything upstairs.

After pleas for pictures the last few days, I finally feel ready to share our main floor with you, so you can picture us in our new space.

This is MY kitchen. I love it. Really. There are too many words about all the reasons why. The whole main floor is laid out around it. It rocks.
Pantry...although just a standard size, I have so many cabinets, that it works just fine. All the kids dishes and cereals/snacks etc..are in the island cabinets and on pantry shelves where they can reach them. NO MORE CLIMBING! (I also invested in a handy-dandy folding step-stool, because EVEN I can't reach the top shelves of the cabinets....strange, I know) Also, I stole the idea of the over-the-door shoe organizer from my smart sister, Kasey. It houses granola and protein bars, dry mixes, packs of gum, water mixers, etc. You know, all the small stuff that ends up kicking around on a pantry shelf. It's working great so far!
Formal Dining: I still need to get hefty enough hanging wire to hang my GONZO mirror behind the Ikea Shelf that will serve as my buffet table.
The view just inside the door. I love how I can see the woods through the house. (Mirror on wall temporary...too high, needs to be horizontal...maybe needs to be bigger..)
The "family stairs" that go up from the family room to a shared landing with the entry stairs.
View through the cut-out from the family room to the kitchen. Perfect spot for a Nativity! :)
View from the kitchen into the family room through the cut-out. (See my picture of Christ? Better, yes?)
The formal living room. Awaiting the tree, that we will set up this weekend. Once it's up I can start wrapping the gifts for the kids I am hiding and that will free up more organizing space!
Also, I was able to find THE matching coffee table to the glass and rod iron end table we've had for 7 years. Should be coming next week, I'm stoked!
The entryway. It's vaulted and has a chandelier that lights up almost the whole house when it's on. I love the leaded glass in the doors, so pretty at night with the porch lights on outside..
And I couldn't resist sharing my find of the day! Matching wreaths on suction cup hooks! Looks so pretty and festive from the street!!

Maybe next week, I can show you how the 2nd floor has shaped up. It's really pretty much done except for the craft/guest room which needs some serious organization...


  1. Taking shape very nicely! Isn't it amazing how it becomes "yours" when your things grace the house? Keep us posted on the upstairs, too! Yay! :-)

  2. I love it. Can't said I'd do it differently. Big surprise!

    Hey, is that the Christmas clipboard I gave you like 5 years ago, hanging in the kitchen? That was so fun to make.

  3. YES! That is the countdown clipboard you gave us. We love it! I have chalk on my Target list today because they used it all up last year!

  4. It all looks positively AMAZING! Looks like you hit the jackpot when you bought this place. So happy for you! And jealous of seeing the woods out the back of the house...I miss seeing the tree-filled hill behind my parents' place.

  5. All I can say is WOW! Wow that you got all that done. Your like a woman of amazement to me. Did you sleep like ever? Wow your house is stunning. Huge, and beautiful! You must be thrilled. Can't wait to see more more more!

  6. I am so glad you have such a beautiful home! I can absolutely picture you there and setting everything up and I can't wait to come and see it in person. It is AMAZING! Congrats and good luck setting everything up. Take your time and enjoy it.

  7. That kitchen is unbelievably awesome! The house is beautiful.

  8. Ohhh it all looks so amazing! What a cute house! :)