Thursday, December 17, 2009

That's IT!

Sydney realllllly wanted to get her way today.

She asked nicely.

I politely said, not right now.

She asked again....not so nicely. I said, "No."

She asked again, meanly.

This time I walked away.

She hates when I walk away and don't engage. Then she can't manipulate.

She runs after me.

She says, "THAT'S IT MOMMY! You are NOT the genius! I AM THE GENIUS!"

I start laughing, uncontrollably.

She responds,"It's not FUNNY!!!! ARrrrghhhhhhhH!!!!" (the tears and snot start to flow)

Ahhhhh, the lovely, terrible twos. (and threes)


  1. Okay, Jimmie and I are rolling over this one. Would've loved to see a video of that fit!

  2. Russell keeps telling me that I'm fired as his mommy when he doesn't get his way. Ruby's started with the tantrums lately, too. The result is that she now gets to go to bed an hour earlier every night.