Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stopping IN for Thanksgiving

After being on the road and in a different hotel each night for 3 nights and 4 days, it was SO nice to stop in and have a home base for 4 nights and 3 days! Lucky for us, Kasey and Jimmie live about 1/2 way to Charlotte from Utah. (or we would've been flying and shipping BOTH our cars!) Also, we were thrilled that we were able to time our move/visit with the holiday. It was so great to share it with extended family. Especially, ones who cook so well! Kasey makes a MEAN cheesecake, and Jimmie, the grilled cheese master, much to the critters' delight!
Who goes to B-ville and doesn't visit the Walton Five and Dime?? Not us!!
We went for a stroll along the gorgeous pathways off the town square...also where Aunt Kasey gets her RUN on!
We found some Osage Oranges that we gathered for a natural centerpiece, they were heavy to carry back to the car, but they looked and smelled wonderful!!
We made new friends! "My Kasey. NO, MY Kasey!!" LOL
We played at the zoo, Ozark Style! Nothin' like it!
The Dad of the dude (or was it a chick?) we cooked up the day before...sorry Mr. Turkey, but your kid was GOOD!
1/2 was petting zoo, the rest was a drive-thru zoo. Pretty cool to see zebras and such wandering freely..
White Bison.
Longhorn! Check out those horns....now you know where they get their name!
The Emu and Ostriches liked the cars, and kept trying to see who was inside.
This camel wiped it's spit and snot along the side of my car. SICK!
Look at all the little Bambis running around!!
And this poor guy was hanging out with them. He seemed to be wise to the ways of the humans....and not happy that we were there. He just needs to get that string off his head and he'll be okay!
Have you ever pet a hedgehog?? No?? It was a first for us too! They kind of stink.
We all got to feed and hold this cute baby monkey through the cage.. so much fun.
These goats would eat ANYTHING you gave them. Luckily we just had bread and dried corn kernals.. They had some behind the fence and others in the area we were in...not sure why... BTW, I don't like goats, they look evil to me.
BEST.PART. Kangaroo petting! WOW! They were SOOOOOO soft. And it was so fun to see them jumping all around. There were at least 20 of them!
We left the zoo as the sun was setting after spending about 2.5 hours there. It is so beautiful in the area that my sister lives. We really enjoyed being there and resting up for the week ahead and all the excitement and stress that a new home and setting it up brings.

Thanks K and Jimmie!


  1. My favorite pic is definitely Syd and the kangaroo. We had such a fun time having you guys visit our neck of the woods!

  2. the drive thru safari is awesome. They had baby baboons last time we went, and they were sucking their thumbs. SO cute.

    You and could have that fight too, friend.
    "no MY kasey!" ;)