Friday, December 18, 2009

Teacher Gifts

...are an unspoken expectation. My kids don't ever want to be the student, who, on the day before winter break, arrives with empty hands. They brought this up at the dollar store this week, the best place to be IMO for that conversation.

Cute felt buckets, $1 each. Check!

Easy cookie recipe with ingredients I have on hand. (Which isn't easy...can you believe I have NO chocolate chips in the house? And I've been here over 2 weeks?? I know, scandalous!)

This is only the 2nd time EVER that I have made Gingersnaps. It's a really sad thing too, because Chris loves them! Good thing we have some left over to treat him to when he deplanes tomorrow!

Note to self: Buy more GINGER...and chocolate chips!

Peeee Essssss....
Recipe found in the good old standby - Red & White, Better Homes & Gardens

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