Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby Ruth!?!?

We are always on the hunt for a good family flick. A week or so back Chris and I were talking about Indiana Jones and all the good adventure movies we enjoyed as kids and Goonies came up. I had totally forgotten about the existance of this great Steven Spielberg movie! I quickly went to our local library online and put a copy on hold. 2 days later it's waiting for me to pick up, that's service!

The kids absolutely loved this movie. I had forgotten that Chunk drops the S*bomb though, whoops. Love the Truffle Shuffle, the Cindy Lauper video at Mikey's house at the beginning, the old red white and blue Pepsi cans and all the other 80's stuff in the film! My kids love slapstick humor and "spooky" stuff, which the Pirate treasure hunt, the very bad guys and the "monster" brother with a face only a Mother could love all provide. My kids loved all of Sloth's lines including, ROCKY ROAD!??! BABY RUTH!?!? BAD MOMMY! and SLOTH LOVES CHUNK! I too remember repeating these lines with my brothers pretty often after seeing this in the mid-80's.

Now we're waiting for the old Indiana Jones movies from the library. I think they're more popular right now because of the new IJ movie coming out this year.
I loved this genre of movie as a kid because it was exciting to see other parts of the world. It was as close as we got in International Travel, for sure. My Mom made a point of taking us to see E.T. and Jurassic Park, and probably others that I can't recall. I still rib her about the time (right before the era of VCRs) the TV Guide had E.T. listed to play on a Thursday night at 7pm. We were so excited. Mom had the popcorn popped and we all had glasses of Deseret punch (yum!) and were all seated as the show comes on, "Da da da da da da, da da da da da"...Entertainment Tonight......aaahhhhhhhh bummer. I can still get her to blush as she says GOOD GRIEF and gives me a swat for bringing this up! She was as bummed out as we were. Thank goodness for VCRs, and now DVD players, we can have Family Movie Night any night we want!


  1. Do you remember there was a guy in high school that we called Sloth? We were so mean.

    I was recently thinking about all the great movies we saw in the 80's that can now be recycled for kids as "new." The 80's just keep on giving!!

  2. We watched that movie so many times when we were kids. It's great. I still love adventure movies.

    I've recently started trying to introduce Ruby to live action movies instead of cartoons. We watched the "Princess Diaries" movies and then started on some Doris Day musicals. She's taking loving them so far.

    Another movie we used to watch at all our sleepovers when we were in our early adolescence was "Date with an Angel." I haven't seen it in years. "Daddy! He kicked me in my hiney!"

  3. That is so funny ... I was just reading another blog of a girl who designs digital scrapbooking supplies that I love who does movie night with her kids very regularly, too, and they just watched Goonies!! You should check her blog for other fun ideas - she posts clear down the themed costumes and snacks that go with each movie :) Here's a link to her movie night posts ... I'm so gonna do some of the same ones!!

  4. I have to say "Chief Chick in Charge" is my favorite name for our occupation yet...classic! Great to see your name popping up on my blog.
    You have a darling family - and if you're anything like Kasey - the Roberts know you're a keeper!

  5. Try this link for the movie night info ... learning how to leave hyperlinks in the comment box :)

    Family Movie Nights