Saturday, March 29, 2008

Soccer Mom

Our little Savi started Soccer this week, and Chris mentioned that now I'm officially a "Soccer Mom" LOL. She is very excited because she is playing on a team of 9 girls, who are all from her group of friends, and the coach is one of her best friend's Dad. We had 2 practices this week and her first game is on Tuesday. She claims she isn't good at soccer and she doesn't "get it", but I assured her that all of that will come with practicing! So far she believes me! Whew. She is quite a runner though, at practice yesterday they did a few laps around the field and she was strides ahead of the group. Wish I could sprint like her!


  1. Hannah Montana?! Wow, that little girl is growing up! I can tell she's been outside practicing and I'm jealous of her healthy glow. :)

    You already had the 3 kids, the extra friends and the minivan...all you needed was the actual schedule of soccer practices and games to keep you busy. ha ha

  2. Yep, she's into Hannah Montana AND High School Musical now. I think it's the peers because I'm certainly not pushing those topics!
    It's amazing how quickly those kids tan with playing outside. It's pretty early in the season for us.

  3. She looks adorable!! Congrats on your new "status" :)