Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Easter Sunday! The kids enjoyed the things the Easter Bunny brought of course, new Spring pjs, sandbox toys, candies and bubble batons. Sydney loved the marshmallow bunnies, see Syd Pic of the week, which she proceeded to shove into her mouth one after the other. I think she got about 5 in before she spit them back out and decided one at a time was much better.
Easter is my 2nd favorite holiday, following Christmas. But Spring is my favorite season by far, and that has everything to do with Easter. As I contemplate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I can see rebirth all around me. In the buds of the crocus and the tulip greens shooting through the dirt. The fuzzy buds on the Aspen and Magnolia trees and the yellow green shoots on the willows. It fills me with such a happy and peaceful feeling. I am so grateful for the sacrifice that was made for me, so that I can return to the presence of my Creator and live again, and I am also grateful that He has given me an annual reminder of that rebirth. It's a beautiful display of His love for His children. I hope you all have traditions to help you celebrate this special time of year.


  1. What a beautiful testimony!! Glad to know you had a wonderful day :)

  2. LOVE that Syd loves her peeps just like her auntie! I just bought mine 50% off today.

    Easter was nice - dinner with a large group of friends, followed by a Rockband session. I know, a little irreverant, but it was way fun. Does it count if you also watch a 10 minute church video? ;) Love your post, btw.

  3. Loved your thoughts Natalie. I agree with all you said. We live in such a beautiful place.