Monday, March 3, 2008

In like a Lion

March, that is. We welcomed the month with a windy night and a snowy day. We got a few inches on Saturday that made the tree branches just gorgeous. Dad stuck the kids' feet in the snow right outside the door yesterday and we got 3 cute sets of critter footprints.

Savannah had school off on Friday, but that didn't stop her creativity from flowing. She wrote a 20 page mini book called, "I love Sydney when..." with illustrations and all. It is really cute. I think my favorite is " I love Sydney when she bobs her head to the music in the car". We are so blessed to have her as a Big Sister for the baby. She is so helpful and loving. She has such deep and tender emotions for her siblings. It is wonderful to see her try to express them.


  1. Love the "feet" picture. Ya gotta love Utah weather-warm temps. and then snow.

  2. Love that photo ... but love not having snow here even better ;) We've been close to 80 for almost a week now! Your Savannah sure sounds like one I'd like to have around my house - oh, I actually have one that is pretty similar!!

  3. Funny how footprints mirror personalities -- I guess you have to know the personalities to figure out the prints, but to me it's totally funny how that works. Glad to see you in the blogging world. I have yet to get there. Sometimes starting is half the battle...........