Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SpOiLeD rOtTeN!

As we head into our Spring Break weekend it seems we don't have to look very far for activities to keep us busy. Here are a couple of fun things we did this week that we wanted to share.

The first is an annual tradition that our awesome neighbors put on every St Patrick's day for the children 8 yrs and younger. Maybe you want to steal this idea and spoil your own neighbors?... It's a Gold Hunt. They have a large yard and have spraypainted a couple Home Depot size buckets full of rocks, gold, of course. The day before the event they have their kids hide them all over the yard. There are also a couple of golden eggs hidden extra well with $ inside. Each child's admission is a bag of wrapped candy. The kids go hunting and the candy is combined in a big basin, mixed, and then apportioned into cute sacks. When the gold has all been found it is traded for a big bag of goodies. Last year it fell on Saturday so they also did a hotdog bbq picnic in combination. My kids have come to look forward to this every year! It's really cool because St Pat's was never really a big holiday for me, not being Irish, but now it's taken on some new excitement.

The other fun thing we did was go to our local Classic Skate, they have skates, scooters and bouncy play areas. After each parent teacher conference session is over the school sponsers a family skate night for free! We have never been to one of these events until last night, but now that we have I feel we may have yet another tradition on our hands. The kids scootered around until they dropped. Savi even tried skates for the first time. Poor girl fell on her behind so many times, but she kept on trying with quite a bit of determination. Maybe we should have her practice on the grass for a while first! The baby was dancing and bobbing her head to the music and loving the light show as we looked on. A fun time had by all! When I was a kid we went to Cal Skate every once in a while, which was very similar, except back then it was only the 4 wheel skates, no inlines, no scooters. Wow, I'm starting to feel old.

We are definitely spoiled with all this free entertainment lately!


  1. Sounds like you had such a fun week!!! We're half way through our break and the kids have spent lots of time outside and with friends ... and we bought Enchanted and loaded up with goodies :)

  2. Those both sound like so much fun! Love the gold hunt idea. And I totally miss Cal skate! Our local skate rink has a free family skate night once a month, which we've been to a few times with friends. No scooters, though.

  3. Ah, but you are Irish. Our people come from the Isle of Mann where the "black Irish" originated. That's all I know, but next time you want to lose your temper, blame it on the genes and see how THAT flies!

  4. Natalie, I feel honored to be in your blog (j/k). Glad your kiddo's love the gold hunt. We love doing it!!!