Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Birthday Season!

...or should I say CAKE season? This quarter for Enrichment we celebrated Relief Society's Birthday. I was asked to help by making a birthday cake that was one of several cut up and enjoyed for dessert. I opted for carrot since it is one of my faves. I have never possessed the talent that my Mom does of being able to decorate cakes, so I wasn't able to actually put little frosting carrots on it, but I did get the colors right. If I can say so myself, it turned out pretty cute.
This week each of my big kids has also been invited to a "friend birthday party". Savannah is going to Isabelle's PJ party, in fact is there as we speak. And Gunnar is going to Brandon's Super Hero Training Camp tomorrow. Brandon's Super Hero Mom is 3 weeks away from her due date and is hosting a bunch of 4 and 5 yr old boys, and it was just about the coolest invite I've ever laid eyes on. I am way impressed.
The kids decided that since Aunt KC gave them Webkins in Jan. during her visit, they would like to share the wonder of the Webkin with their dear friends. If you have not heard of these, I don't know what rock you've been under, but they are virtual pets. You get a cute stuffed animal, anything from a monkey, a frog or a magical pony that you can cuddle, and it has it's own code, which you register on the Webkins site. You then are shown your pet's living space and you have $2000 in Kinz Cash to start out with. You furnish their room, feed them, play with them, and when you get low on cash more can be earned by playing arcade style games that are actually very educational. Gunnar's computer skills have skyrocketed (thanks again Aunt KC!!) since he adopted his Cheeky Monkey, which he named "Chris", "cuz I really like that name". Last week I was helping earn $400 playing games for Gunnar so his Monkey could buy a fancy potty. "He really had to go!" Wow.
So, we set about finding a store that carries them locally, since we did not have time to wait for shipping. Enter Red Balloon Toy Store. Just about the coolest toy store ever. They have ANYTHING a kid could possibly dream of, including Webkins. They both ended up with dogs for their friends, Isabelle of course will get a little girly yorkie with a ponytail and bow on top of it's head, and Brandon's is a golden retreiver. Fun stuff.
If that's not enough, we also have Chris' birthday coming up next week and Gunnar's exactly one week behind his. We will have cake till the cows AND chickens come home. And we've been busy finding all the things on the birthday wish-lists. What a month of celebration!


  1. Natalie, thanks for the cute webkins. Can't wait to figure out how to use it. What a cute dog. By-the-way, I have seen webkins at Hallmark (by Shop-Ko) and Zurchers. Thanks again!!!

  2. Glad to hear the Webkinz interest lasted longer than a week! Hopefully it's also contributing to learning to budget and share computer time for your two pet owners. ;)

    Have fun birthday parties! BTW, what's on Gunnar's wish list for an auntie?

  3. Birthday season is always such fun ... can't believe Cougar will be 1 in just a few weeks!! My kids got Webkins for Christmas and have gotten online once - I don't think the "get" it completely. They'd rather play on,,, etc ... What's a mom to do?!