Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Daddy!

This post is a bit late....I finally put the pics on the computer! Chris had a birthday last week and we celebrated with take-out Olive Garden, birthday cake and presents, followed by a wrestling match! I think the kids won.

We love our Daddy! He is a snowboarding, yard working, tree hugging :), hiking, biking, camping, all around fix-it type of guy. He's always working on a project around the house or yard or planning an outdoor adventure. He plans on taking Savi on a backpacking trip this year and she's pretty excited about going REAL camping, vs. the car camping we usually do, now that she's old enough. You can tell from the pictures that he's a local favorite, and a wonderful Dad!


  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful birthday!!

  2. It's so nice to see great dads and even greater to know that your friends are married to them. Kudos to Chris on the extra special time with Savannah. I'm sure that'll be a trip she'll remember for the rest of her life as something really wonderful.