Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gunnar's 5!

Our big boy had big plans for his birthday. He decreed that we would eat dinner at Cafe Rio, then go play arcade games and go in the bouncy playground at Boondocks for an hour. Following that, we could head home for presents and that order. Well, all righty then, Your Birthday Majesty! We followed his plan, and 4 hours later we had "Partied Until We Were Purple!" (his words!) We all had a good time, even Sydney, as she walked from game to game in the arcade pushing buttons and checking out the lights.
Gunnar got a cool aquarium lamp from his grandparents that he LOVES. This boy may be 5, but he sure needs a little light overnight. It's so cool, I wish I had one in my room! He also asked for a Jack-In-The-Box, which his big sister obliged him with. GO figure! Added bonus, Sydney also loves it! :) His Dad got him Jenga, which they've been playing all day. And Aunt KC came through with some cool Cheeky Monkey plates and a Leap Pad Rattatouie software kit. That's not all he got, but those are the highlights.
We celebrated the day after, so he really had 2 days of birthday. This mom was glad when it was up though because she had heard her fair share of, "The Birthday Boy gets to do whatever he wants, even if the Mom says something else." NOT.


  1. What a bossy big birthday boy! :) Reminds of a certain little Kasey I remember. Give the birthday boy hugs from Aunt KC!

  2. A birthday boy with an attitude AND an agenda?! Sounds like one of my kiddos!! Happy Birthday, Gunnar!!

  3. I've been looking for ideas for games for Ruby. She loves to play them with us. I had been wondering about Jenga and I'm glad to know it's a hit with other kids her age.