Wednesday, April 8, 2009


On Saturday Evening the kids set up this table, so that they could "hear" General Conference, and work on their art projects at the same time. It is still up as of today, because they have been using it daily! It's been great.Savannah has been quite busy since the weekend. She is a 2nd grader, and reads all the time. She has to read out loud 20 minutes daily, which makes great story time for Sydney. It's also good "sister time"! She has really developed a love of reading, and loves to write stories as well as illustrate them. After all, she DOES want to be an ARTIST when she grows up, so she needs practice!

This is her latest book, a product of the "activity table". Thought I'd share...

I love that she included "a note from the Author" and also made sure her picture was on it. "Because people like to see WHO DID IT."
Duh, Mom.And the nice endorsement on the back....It says "Do your children like to eat messy?? If they do, read them this book."
Love my Author-Artist!


  1. oh the endorsement is so funny! It's like a Reading Rainbow book review!

  2. She is well on her way. Love the book!!

  3. My girls LOVE to write books. This is a great one. Thanks for sharing. She is a great artist.