Saturday, April 11, 2009


You know those wedding receptions where they kindly ask you NOT to bring children? Yeah, this WASN'T one of those. Savi's 2nd grade teacher was married this week and all the kids in her class were invited. They have been so excited for Miss Y, they've had her fiance come into the classroom a few times, and Savi always comes home with stars in her eyes. She's a romantic, that one. And she recognizes that powerful feeling that surrounds love, especially the newly engaged, getting married kind of love. It's her fairytale, and it's real for her teacher, who she also happens to AdOrE!Savi and the Bride, Miss Y, NOW Mrs. G!

Check out that beautiful cake! It was a Spring garden theme. Lots of cherry blossoms, tulips, flats of grass, birds nests, brightly painted wheelbarrows, cupcakes, candies and even a tub of diet coke! Super cute.

The kids had a place to sign their name and collect a treat as they came in. The receiving line was about a 30 minute wait when we got there, but the kids didn't mind because they were all glued to 2 big screens with footage outside of the temple from earlier that day.
Savi enjoyed the cake. Gunnar, not a fan of fondant...he was complaining that the frosting was ChEwY. "That's just wrong, Mom!" He did like the spun sugar cherry blossoms though.
Watching the first dance from the balcony, bird's eye view.
Doing a little dancing of their own. Sydney was very cute on the way there she was saying over and over, "I want to go dancccc-iiiinnnngggg at the POTTY."
The kids contributed some artwork for display at the reception and were so excited to point out to their families which one was theirs..
Fun idea, says I.
Don't take a picture of me! She's all of the sudden tired of being the target of my camera's focus.
Yep, she's 2. And she was MAD that the sucker wasn't biteable. She likes the tootsie pops with the chewy middle. She kept trying to bite through it and was hurting her little teeth. Silly girl.
Savi was so happy to see her teacher having her Happily Ever After. She wanted to tape the announcement to her wall next to her bed so she could look at them while she was falling asleep. No doubt she's dreaming of her own fairy tales.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! Fun times for Mrs. Y's class...

  2. What a thoughtful teacher to, not only invite kids, but make her wedding reception SO kid friendly for all of her students. Sounds like an awesome role model to me!

  3. Exactly what Kasey said!!! She truly LOVES being a teacher to make her students part of her wedding reception. Hope she sticks around for a few more years. And Savi looks twitterpated!!! The innocence of children (if they really knew what marriage was, huh?). Not a fairy tale. This reception sure made it seem that way to the kids. Let em' dream!!

  4. Love Miss Y!! My kids had her last year. She was such a great teacher!!