Monday, April 13, 2009

Dye Dye Baby

Of all of the traditional Easter activities, this is the one we never miss. The kids love it, and I especially love the "Easter Egg" sandwiches the day or two after! It's especially fun when the dye gets through the shell and your egg salad is colorful. This year Savi showed as much love for those sandwiches as I did, she's converted. We're still working on the boy, but he has come around on asparagus recently, so that's something...After Easter last year, I picked up these q-tip coloring sets for 50% off. We generally go the vinegar and tablet route, but this looked like something that even Sydney could do. You crack one end and the color drains to the other end through the hollow middle...then you just use it like a paint brush.
Sydney couldn't get enough. She yelled at us when thye were all colored that we took hers! I think she did 4 out of the dozen available.
Daddy did this one. He had the kids try to guess who it was, they guessed it was a self-portrait. It's actually supposed to be the Resurrected Christ. Fitting, no? I think it's cute!
The only drawback to this method is that the kids mixed and blended the colors on the egg with their hands, and it wasn't exactly washable....It's washed off by now though, only a couple days.
Love this face on him. He looks like a baby dinosaur.
What are your family's favorite Easter Traditions?


  1. Am I a grinch mom for not dyeing eggs? I hate the smell of boiled eggs and I hate the mess. We do an egg hunt, though, and the kids get great surprises in their baskets. We also make lime jello with pear halves and maraschino cherries. It's the ONLY time I make green jello, so I guess it's tradition! Looks like your kids had a lot of fun - sorry Syd screamed at everyone -- she's got her own reality!

  2. I don't do egg hunts, so you take some and you leave some. We do the green jello with pears and cherries every Christmas. :)

  3. I saw some snap dye q-tip things at the grocery store yesterday for 50 percent off and thought of you! I walked past. Then I went back and got 5 of them. Maybe I'll let the kids decorate eggs on a rainy day. In the garage. With gloves and smocks on... I'm trying to not be such a mess grinch! :-)

  4. S! I'm proud of you! That's akin to ME picking up playdough. Yes, I would recommend grubby clothes and latex gloves. The dye didn't go through the papertowels though so the table was a-ok. Good luck with your adventures in messy-land!