Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Turn of Phrase

Can you believe this picture is from 10 days ago? We had enough snow to buid a snowman taller than Dad! I loved this Sydney totem-pole snowman. This was before the head went on. She was so funny sitting up there...

Sydney has a new way of saying my name. The tone is a little bit like when someone brings you a gift and you say, "You shouldn't have" but actually you are downright thrilled that they did. The other part of it is like when you are disappointed in someone who did something when they DARN WELL should know better than to do it. You can take it either way depending on the circumstance.

For example, I come home from the store when Sydney has woken up from her nap in my absence, "MOOOO-OOOOMMMM, you're home! Ohhhhh. (wraps her arms around my legs and hugs me)

Next, I pull a big old spiral sliced ham out of the fridge to warm up for our Easter Feast, "MOOOO-OOOOOMMMMMM! Ohhhhhhh! I love you!" (read, I LOVE HAM!)

Today, as I was getting ready to get in the shower, I got undressed and Sydney noticed the sunburn that I got on my chest at the park yesterday. I had taken the kids and their bikes to bask in the 65 degree day on the final day of their Spring Break around mid-morning. I should've known better and put on some SPF 15 at the very least. The sun IS very strong this time of year and we ARE at high altitude...but alas, I did not. I was out for an hour and 20 minutes at the most and this is what I got...

It has happened at least once a year in the Spring, you think I should know better. Syndey sure thought so. She said, "Ohhhhhh, MOOOO-OOOOOOMMMMM, fire! You're SPICY!"

Yes, THAT, I am.


  1. whoa baby! yeah that looks like it hurts!

  2. What, you're like 7Up?

    Ha ha

    That's a lot of skin you're showin' there....SpIcY!!!

  3. Too much skin? Whoops. I just didn't think you'd all be able to see just HOW BURNED I was without the contrast...

  4. All I can say is, "Owwwweeeeeeeeee!" (like Jim Carrey). I've had SO many horrible sunburns in my life and I STILL haven't learned my lesson.

    And yes, you are very spicy! One of the reasons I like you so much!

  5. Lol about the skin comments! I almost took my kids to the park (granite) but we went to the discovery museum instead. We should plan a park day.... if it ever stops raining! UGH!

  6. OUCHiE!! Aloe Vera is all I can say! It's the only thing that can take the spice out of it!

  7. Yes, Aloe Vera has helped alot. I'm now at the itchy stage and it's less tender. I'm hoping I can fend off peeling so I'm using Banana Boat lotion. I smell like the beach, and it's been snowing the past 2 days. Nuts.

  8. We all went skiing on Monday. Being the great and responsible mom that I am, I put sunscreen on everyones FACES. Didn't even think about necks. Who gets a sunburned neck? Well, Parker got THE WORST sunburn on his neck. I can't tell you how many times I've uttered to myself bad mom, bad mom!!!! Glad to see he is in good company. Next ski trip, watch out neck, I'm comin' for ya!!!