Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mom Tip Tuesday

I say a lot of things to my kids in an effort to keep them on schedule for bedtime.

"You'll be grumpy in the morning if you stay up past your bedtime."

"You won't grow as tall as you should if you don't get enough sleep."

"If I come back upstairs in 5 minutes and find you still in your clothes and without your teeth brushed, I'm going to be really mad!!!"

Sometimes, I'm tired. I'm looking forward to relaxing and rocking my little peanut to sleep....while I catch the latest episode of Castle.

When I have a night like that, THIS has been working really well.

"Kids, in 20 minutes, Mom will be OFF DUTY! If there is anything you need from me, a snack, a cuddle, a paper signed for school, speak now or forever hold your peace....at least until morning."

I'm not sure how this is working. I only know that IT IS. And I love it! Try it with your own monsters, um, I mean blessings, at home.

Warning....they should be at least 4-5 for this to actually work, I think.


  1. That picture is the best. Love it when you find something that works.

  2. So funny. Me bedtime whoas would be worse if I let them know I wasn't watching. The twins are constantly sneaking out of bed and playing and they have no intention of wanting me to stop them.

  3. OH I am SO pulling out "off duty". I've used the term "closed" for awhile and it works pretty well. The store is closed, the library is closed, why can't toys be closed, or mom be closed? Reese caught onto the concept pretty early on. I like off duty even better! Especially if it is Aaron asking me for stuff!

  4. Ok, that little chipmunk guy picture is TOO CUTE! Also, I am totally down with your idea--I would do that with my employees, when I needed to get some uninterrupted work done--so you can easily say that it's for ages 4 and up! :)

  5. can I be off duty first thing in the morning?