Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daisy Head Maisy

There is nothing cuter than a pretty little girl with a pretty flower clip in her hair! Since I have two girls, I have been making these double time. I tend to make at least 2 of each version so we can do pigtails, or each girl can wear one and they can match. I find bunches of them in all different colors at the Dollar Store. They are super affordable, and since I already am into beading I have TONS of beads for the center.

They are SO simple to make. I made the ones pictured above at our most recent Bead Night. I picked up a GINORMOUS bag of shaped sequins beforehand, and was thrilled with the results. The cream ones have smaller flowers and beads stiched into the centers and the beads sparkle in the sunlight, they are SO pretty on.

I think I now have some in every color except black. Black flowers are hard to come by, but I keep an eye out for them. See, I never like to pay full price, so I may have to hang on until after Halloween and hope I find some on clearance.

Some of the ladies the other night mentioned we should do an exchange. As in, you make a dozen of the same flower and then get together and swap and you end up with a dozen different ones. If any of you Moms of little girls are interested, let me know, and we'll set one up. I was thinking we could assign by color, so we have a good variety.

Happy crafting!


  1. SO CUTE! What did you attach them to? alligator clips? Reese is finally starting to show interest in hair accessories, and wears a headband almost every day. I'm thinking i need to attach some BIG obnoxious flowers to them!

    if only Q had hair.

  2. I use alligator clips for the smaller flowers, and even those ones that bend. For the larger ones, I like to use the flat clips that open like alligator ones,. Where I buy them, they just call them "Clippies". I clip them on wax paper, coat with hot glue, and then position the flower so that it is centered near the upper half of the clip, and press. Once it's cool I remove the paper, and that's it!

  3. Soooo cute!! I would be in on the exchange but I need to learn how to make them first!! Do I have to make some to be part of the exchange? ha, ha!!

  4. I am OBSESSED with hair clippies of all shapes and sizes...I would put them on her while she bathed if I could! I love what you're doing! Super cute!