Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DIY Toddler

Friday night was BATH NIGHT! Oh, how they get excited for it. We even had bubbles and color tablets to dye the water from Gunnar's birthday. That, and a tea party bath set, and you have no chance of being bored in the tubby.

Sydney had a bath the day before, but she wasn't missing out on the fun. I walked upstairs to start the water at the right temp, and went into the other room to gather clean towels. By the time I was back I saw this in my hamper...she had undressed herself and removed her own diaper. She had it almost right, all on her own.
Savannah has even trained her to dunk her own hair so it can be shampooed.

She GIVES and receives. She is a good shampooer and rinser for Sissy too.

Savi being silly. She looks like a little Einstein with the bubble beard she's got going.
Savi trying to coax Sydney to hold her breath under water. She's not too sure about it.
I have to say that although it can be frustrating to have one SO INDEPENDENT as Sydney, she sure makes it easy sometimes. A 2 year old who can bathe themselves, and does it happily??
Last night she was up late because she napped late. I was tired, but putting around the house until she was ready to go down. I was doing the evening floor pick up and loading some dishes, then I went and hopped on Facebook to see if my sister was on and chat for a minute.
Sydney was tagging along. She saw Aunt Kasey's pic on her profile and said, "Look it's AUNT KAY-CEEEEEEE!!" SO excited, didn't seem tired in the least, despite the hour. A minute later, I noticed she had left the office and it was REALLY quiet. That's generally a signal of TrOuBlE, but I figured she could have just as easily tucked herself in.
I ventured upstairs. Sure enough, door closed, lights off, Syndey all tucked in, grinning sleepily at me as I kissed her Goodnight. What a good girl!


  1. Love kids that are independent!!!

  2. Uh...send her up here to teach Claire, would ya?

  3. nice! love it when they put themselves to bed! It's a rare occasion around here, but when it happens, it's wonderful!

  4. Wow! DIY bedtime rocks!

    The bath pictures of Syd dunking her own hair remind me of when I've heard you and others in our family say, "Do you want to do it the hard way, or the easy way?" Sydney likes easy. My kinda girl!

    Can't wait to play with you in 2...count 'em 2 months.