Thursday, February 5, 2009

For the Love of CHI

Let's face it ladies, as we get older, the hair loses that natural lustre and silky shine that we enjoyed in our teenage years.
Once I became pregnant with my first child, those hormones kicked in and really did a number on my hair. See that kinky mess? Not cute, those curls.
For years I tried to make due with different products and flat irons that could be found at your local Target....for about $30. They were OK, but they couldn't do THIS>>

If you have this same problem, and are considering a CHI.... DO IT! It's so worth it. :)


  1. I got a $100 CHI last fall -- I'm still learning to use it like the stylist at the salon -- sigh. It must be something in the angle of her wrist that can make my hair knife-point shart and smooth -- the perfect shape. I even bought a thermal protectant and smoothing product! Any hints?

  2. Yeah - a good flat iron can rock one's world. My curls are good but I have no patience with them. Hence the straightened hair every day. I just invested in my 1st flat iron about a week ago. Love it!

    P.S. look sexy. Hubba, hubba.

  3. I've been using Rusk Wired. A little goes a long way! I put it in while wet and blow dry. I also find something to do in the house for 15 minutes (fold laundry, load dishwasher,etc) so it can TOTALLY air dry before I iron it...that seems to help. Sectioning is a must too. I start at the bottom and do 4 seperate sections.

  4. Oh, and mine is a 2" Turbo....the only way to go if you have thick hair like I do. They go for $200+ in the salons, but I scored mine on EBay for $85, free shipping, and paypal gave me 20% back on it (some pre-Christmas promo) it came to $68! Love the GONGA~!

  5. Told ya so! I've had my 2" turbo for almost two years now and still love it! Glad you love yours, too.

    Nice paint in that last photo, btw. :)

  6. A good flat iron is a girls best friend. At least its mine. I recently upgraded to a Paul Mitchell and I am in LOVE. It's pricey but I told Alan I use daily on four girls (yep) hair and that makes it worth it, right?

  7. I tried it again yesterday with a little hair gel (light but super powerful). I dried it, then ironed it and it seemed to do better than when it's just plain, dry hair. I think I'll ask my stylist about rusk wired or something similar when I go in next time.... thanks for the hints -- I'll keep working until I get it the way I like it!

    Happy Baptism and confirmation to Savi today! We're thinking of you all and hope the spirit of the day lingers beautifully....

    Love, S

  8. Especially for $80.00. You rock diva!!!!