Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SnO Much Fun

We were supposed to get 6 inches, it was more like 2...the trees look as though they've been coated in powdered sugar from a very large sifter. It was enough to play in, added to the quickly melting stash from the last storm that blew on through.
Perfect amount for snow shoveling, and tossing at each other. And for something else, too...

Sledding, anyone?
Ready to rip it up!
Snow Angel! Check out the cute cousins!
She spent more time eating snow than anything, but we got about 8 runs in together....the most ever in one trip. I think the "sport" is growing on her!
Look at that face! Sheer joy!
May there be many more snow storms to play in this season!


  1. Careful - some of my friends in Utah might put a voodoo curse on you for wishing for MORE snow! ha ha

    Looks like they had a blast!

  2. Awwwww. Look at Sydney's red nose. She's such a doll. Boys and sleds. Gunnar looks like he's in paradise. You're such a fun Mom. Lucky kids.

  3. We got a few more inches last night, but it's light easy to ball up snow! Snowman time!!