Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No, MY do!

Little Miss Independent is at it again! She has figured out how to put on her own shirt, and she's just about got the pants figured out, except she can't quite pull the back up over the diapee. Once she's potty trained that won't be an issue anymore. (please let that happen this summer!)

As always, with independence, comes frustration. On both our parts.. She wants to do it all herself. She wants to undo her own diaper, take off her own shoes and socks, zip her own coat, put on her own shoes, etc. Usually I am fine with this, but when we are on a schedule it makes it a bit hard to get out the door on time....especially when I didn't plan for 5 minutes while she does what she needs to do. So much easier if she would just let me slip her shoes on! :p Silly Mommy, I know!

The other problem? I think she might be a notch higher on the OCD scale than "your average bear". For example; If she spills ANYTHING on her shirt while eating, even a drop of water, it MUST be changed at that moment. There's no talking logically to her about finishing the meal and then changing, it has to be right then. She puts up her arms and demands "OFF", then goes upstairs to get a clean shirt....which she usually puts on backwards...once in a while she does get it right though. When this all started I was smart enough to pick up a pack of white camis, that can be spilled on and bleached repeatedly. The next week I picked up another. Sometimes we go through 3 in a single meal, so now that we own 8, I can get through a whole day or 2 before I'm out and need to get them washed. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Here she is, so happy Mom took off her spilled-on cami, like she wanted.
Perusing her options.... So grown up!
Sydney's Top 10 OCD list:

  • Close all doors to bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Close all blinds
  • Notice that Mom has opened all doors and blinds, close all again
  • Flush all toilets
  • Take all throw pillows off of couch and stack them on floor by fireplace
  • Change shirt that water dripped on
  • Put shoes on wrong feet, when Mom tries to help, scream "NO, my do!" and switch them to correct feet
  • Change shirt again, just to keep 'em guessing
  • Push dining room chair to counter top, climb up and rearrange all Mom's magnets on side of the fridge
  • Notice Mom has opened all doors and blinds, close all again

For this one, STRONG-WILLED is an understatement... Heaven help us when she hits 13!


  1. If she weren't so cute you could get really frustrated!!

  2. Every time I read or think the words, "My do!" I hear them in your voice the way you sounded the day you told me about your little OCD Pscyh Ward patient. I just love it! And don't worry - she's not the only one. My sister's girl would strip down after a drip on her shirt in a restaurant so fast that my sister wouldn't realize she'd spilled until Becca was half naked. Good times.

    Oh - and Becca has turned out to be a not-so-OCD perfectly normal 4 year old. There is hope.

    Now go check the doors and blinds.

  3. At least by the time she's 13 you'll have a healthy dose of logic to go with that power trip! Too cute.

  4. Reese is OCD. FOR SURE. She STILL has issues with spills and even if she drips on the counter she CANNOT take another bite until she has cleaned up the spill. She used to whine for me to do it, but now she can get a rag and wipe it up herself. There ARE some good things about an OCD child. She can clean up her room in less than 5 minutes before bed, because she knows where everything goes and wants it to be there.
    Problems include: not being able to enjoy watercolors, because the paint tray is "all yucky" from the last user.
    stuff like that.
    BUT...her "me do it" resolve got her to potty train HERSELF in less than 2 days! The only "accidents" we have around here that are on purpose.