Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our New Temple

While we had family in town for the baptism, we thought it would be a good opportunity to make a memory! So on the eve of Savannah's Baptism, we visited the Draper Temple, located in Corner Canyon....a short 10 minute drive directly south of our home.
We knew that the timing would be perfect when they announced that the Open Houses would start in mid-January and run through mid-March. We reserved our 20 tickets online as soon as we could to make sure we didn't miss out.
We talked about it with the kids, who grew more excited as the weeks passed. Gunnar especially was very curious as to what he might see inside those holy and sacred walls. We explained that this is where we covenant with God and it is a place like no other. We talked about how tremendous this opportunity is for them. That they will not see some of these rooms again until they decide to serve a mission, or marry their sweetheart for eternity. They were excited to learn that at the age of 12, if they are following God's commandments, they will be worthy to serve in the temple by performing baptisms for the dead.
On the night we arrived, we were ushered by missionaries into a classroom in the meetinghouse and shown a video. Gunnar was riveted, I don't know if I've ever seen him so attentive. We were bussed to the temple site and walked through large white tents that formed a wide corridor straight into the temple. We were instructed that it was a silent tour and we should whisper to each other if we needed to speak. It was certainly a different experience for me, to see such a number of people in the temple, looking about in wonder, ushers standing to the sides as sentinels, serving in this assignment, as our ward has been asked to do for a couple of dates. Sydney bellowing loud "Mooooooooos" at the sight of the baptismal font atop the backs of oxen. Me trying to shoosh her...she would NOT be shooshed. The children were most impressed by the glittering chandelier and sconces in the Celestial Room. "Look at ALL the diamonds, Mom!" I also pointed out the gold leafing on the ceilings and walls. I loved all the engraven Sego Lily designs on the ceilings and mouldings, and etched into the glass. I made sure to point out the circles and infinity symbols on furniture and accents and talk about the significance of those symbols in the temple.
This is the first Temple Open House I've been able to attend, and I was so glad that we were able to be there at this time. What an incredible memory it will be for Savannah, especially...that the night before she first covenanted with God, she was able to enter His Holy House.
I am so grateful for His gospel and the fullness it brings into my life and the lives of my children. It is truly an awesome plan of Happiness.
If you are local, make sure you visit while you still can (until March 14th)! Visit http://www.lds.org/reservations/0,10751,1619-1-501,00.html Reservations are free.


  1. Totally laughing as I picture Syd mooing through the baptistry!

    That's awesome that you were able to do that together. I had the opportunity to attend the Bountiful and American Fork open houses when I lived in Utah. It's great that S and G are old enough that they'll remember being there when they're older. A rare opportunity, for sure!

  2. What pretty pic's. We are going next week. Sounds like it was a great experience for your children.

  3. It is an amazing experience, especially for the children who are newly learning. We are very excited for a new temple closer to our new home, too. I'm glad you went and had lead time to have multiple discussions together. It means so much more when they have time to "take it all in" a piece at a time. Thanks for sharing your testimony. Hugs, S