Thursday, February 12, 2009


free from guile; sincere; honest; straightforward; frank
As a mother, I am used to somewhat straightforward, frank remarks from my children. Most of them, not so flattering. Let's face it, children do not have "filters". They say what they think and they think what they say.
In the past my children have commented on the size of various body parts, for instance, "You have the biggest bottom in the WHOLE family", that I am a mean Mommy today (although I generally take that as a compliment), and lots of comments/complaints about the evening's menu which would cause a weaker person to give up and feed them corndogs and fruitsnacks every night. I'm used to it, and I take it with a grain of salt.
Tonight as I was just finishing up serving the children their dinner plates, I went to grab mine and sit at the table to join them.
Savannah says, "Mom, I really hope I'm as pretty as you when I grow up."
I say, "Oh, aren't you sweet?! Thanks, that was nice of you to say."
Then I think for a second and ask, "Did someone tell you that would be a nice thing to say to your Mom? Is there something you're going to ask me and wanted to make sure I was really happy first?"
She replies, "No, I just do." (With a pure innocent look on her face.)
"Well," I say, "that is just about the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me." (sniff, sniff)
I really like the flip-side of that no-filter thing..


  1. Oh, sweet! Enjoy this narrow window of time while those compliments are not calculated! We become polluted to quickly! ;>

  2. So so sweet!!

    Your blog (and your family:) is so cute!! Thanks for saying hi yesterday!!

  3. LOVE it...I would be smiling for days on that one!! Every once in a while Hudson says something about my looking nice, the way I've done my hair, or liking my outfit. Kids are just so sincere and honest!