Monday, February 2, 2009

Fresh Paint for our Living (3) Room(s)

It's an extremely high ceilinged space plus the entry and 3 stairways. But check my cheap labor! Feed her Cafe Rio and Slurpees and she'll paint all night! Even with achy muscles and swollen hands. (we worked together on it from 7:30pm-3am the first night....I had prepped from 9am-3pm, TSPing all and taping some of it). The next morning we were at it again by 9:00. We went through 3 rolls of tape....1 blue, then 2 green. By the way...we'll never buy that crappy blue tape again. Frog Tape rocked our worlds!
Old nasty faux (pas) paint on a really tall wall...
The other wall....
This is the finished product, displaying just how high that wall goes! It was a little nerve wracking working at that height.
I accomplished in 2 days what surely would've taken me a week at the very least. It's amazing what you can get done with a partner. I think it helps when you're also from the same gene pool, and have been said to "share a brain"...
How in the world did I live with that old paint job for over 6 years??? I'll never know, but the new space feels HUGE now that I don't have splotchy paint distracting my eye. I love it! Thanks KC SISTAY!


  1. Good for you guys. The painting looks great.

  2. Bye bye splotchy; hello satiny smooth! Looks awesome. Can't wait to see it all put back together and accessorized!

  3. Great Job, girls! I like the baked scone better than the cracked corn! Much more neutral and very flexible for decorating! I still can't believe I've never been to your place -- 6 years? Sad. Maybe this summer when we come to UT....

  4. WOW! What a difference! Looks great! Kasey is the BEST project buddy, because she too, looses all sense of reality and need for sleep and will work late to just get the job done! I love the kitchen color.