Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Loose Ends, Tied

As promised, here are the completed "wallpaper cut-outs turned art". I think they pulled it all together. And Gunnar is thrilled, which is really all that matters!
2 more days til the paint comes out again! Ahahahaha, I must be nuts!


  1. WOW! Super duper cute! I really like that! And I agree that it ties the whole room together with multiple punches of green here and there. Awesome job, sis!

    PS: A big job is so much more fun when you have someone cool to talk to while you're working -- I hope it's fun to have the project meister (K) with you during this next phase! Post pix, okay? :-) Lovin' the new makeovers....

  2. The pictures are very cute, but the picture in the ball frame is my favorite...what cute kids.

  3. Arent' they cute? I think AB is a bit jealous of their budding friendship....she's currently asking G about it...."so, do you like A, or do you like me??? you still like A?" G asks, "how'd you find out?? I'm not gonna tell you the secret about us."
    I intervened and said, "WE like ALL of our friends, you can never have too many!"