Sunday, November 16, 2008

Girly Girly Girl

This Sydney of mine is so funny! Her personality is in Full Speed Ahead mode.
Last night about 10:30 as I am feeling ready for bed, SHE, decidedly, is not, and brings me some shiny pink nail polish and asks, "Pretty Toes?"
I figure I may as well, since I'm not getting anything else done.. So we paint the toenails and blow on them for a minute so the carpet doesn't end up that pretty pepto shade. THEN, she asks, "Pretty Fingers?" Oh, I guess so.
I don't know, but it seems she's pretty young for all this, not quite 2. Yet, she sits still, so why not? THIS I do know. She is going to be one high maintenance young lady when she is a teenager. I can feel it coming on, and it's freakin' me out.
Look at how she hams it up for the camera. Dangerous.


  1. LOL. These young ones of ours are all girl aren't they!! I love it. But you are right, teenage years...scary. At least Sydney sits still for it.

  2. She has so much up her sleeve. What a cute girl!!! I saw that you tagged me. I will do it, just don't know when.

  3. Lenice, it took me a week and a half to finally sit down and do it after my sister tagged me. It's a daunting one, but only took about 20-30 minutes when I sat down and tried to compile everything. Look forward to seeing yours!