Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Miss Chevious

I had a bad feeling as I was getting out of the shower this morning. Once a few weeks back, I had the same feeling and as I was drying off. I listened closely to what was happening in the house and I heard Sydney crying through what sounded like a closed door. So, I wrapped the towel around me and hurried downstairs to look for her. She was in the office, behind the closed door and looked like she had been crying for at least 10 minutes....she was pretty hysterical because she couldn't get the door opened from the inside and she was trapped with nobody coming to her rescue. So, thinking that maybe this happened again, I hurried down the stairs, in my towel.

She was in the office, all right. But she was far from hysterical, she was happy as a clam. She was standing on the desk, and this is what was next to her...

She had plucked quite a few keys from her Daddy's laptop, and I'm sure she would've continued to do so until they were all taken off. She had no idea that this was a bad thing, I think she thought it was some kind of puzzle. I gave her a swat on her bottom and told her it was naughty and she needed to say sorry. She got really sad once she figured it out, she doesn't like when Mommy is disappointed with her. She kisses me and says the sweetest little sorry you can imagine.

She is really getting to the age where she is making all kinds of trouble though. Last week she shampooed my carpets and the couch with sunblock, before that she took a red marker to the downstairs loveseat (it was washable, thank goodness!). I think I may have to start a regular thread called "The Adventures of Miss Chevious".


  1. Ohhhhh, my heart goes out to you! Samuel has removed keys SEVERAL times, and not because he was curious -- because he was punishing me for something I wouldn't let him do.

    They can be put back on if you do it carefully, otherwise a new keyboard must need to be purchased (yeah, we did that once, too) to the tune of $100.

    You're gonna get real creative about how to keep things locked up/out of reach/safe. We've had permanent ink in the most unlikely places, desitin painted on the couch and carpet, eggs all over the kitchen, a broken drainage pipe on the air conditioner in the middle of summer because Samo thought it was a jungle gym bar (SNAP! Water pouring everywhere and no one to fix it for 3 days because it was the height of summer), trying to ride the bike in the closed garage around my parked car and scraping the paint of my 1 month old new car.........kill the kid now.

    I had to stop keeping track of all the bad things he did because it literally sucked the joy out of me. When all I could remember about the day was all the trouble I had dealt with, I knew that was a bad sign!

    Good luck with Miss Chevious. I have found that showering before the kids get up is the only way to keep on top of them.. Sadly, I've only mastered that one since we've moved to AZ, so you know I've had lots of trouble at my house in the past!

  2. You may need to super glue those keys down! naughty little Syd! that's always the saddest face when they realize you're disappointed and stick out that bottom lip. Hopefully they remember that feeling and won't do it again!

    I like the idea of a regular Miss Chevious adventure.

  3. oh man Reese took a shift key a control key and the backspace off one of our laptops when she was a baby....not funny at all! Luckily, there are two of the shift and ctrl...but it was not fun to always have to arrow backward and then use the delete to fix mistakes.

    Can you take it to best buy?

  4. Luckily I was able to reattach the keys before Chris came home from his dentist appointment....he'd been working from home. The Cap Lock and Shift keys on the left hand side are kind of sticky still, but the rest are OK. Ugghhhh. I just had to do it in my towel since I was right out of the shower and then go run Kindergarten carpool with no makeup because I didn't have time after 20 minutes of reconstructing the computer. I don't know what I would've done if I didn't have another keyboard to look at!! There is no way I would've known where to put the keys.

  5. Oh yeah, I've done Desitin clean up AND baby powder...that was ALL Gunnar. I used to keep a list in his baby book because I thought it was funny....but then it stopped being so funny after a while and was just plain depressing to see it as a cumulitive list of destruction!!

  6. SO GLAD you were able to snap those keys back on! Sometimes it's next to IMPOSSIBLE!!! Yeah, I'm down on forgetting the tough stuff now. Sometimes I don't even tell Mark what's gone on because I don't want to live in that mode anymore! Although, Mark's TO DO list has been growing lately because of the children and their antics. Some things I can fix, but some things require power tools and paint. That I can't do when I have a baby on the leg.... which is a wonderful thing, I'm just not project-able in that particular mode.

  7. Haven't each of us had the keys ripped off the laptop! Reagan did it too when he was about Sydney's age. Good thing they can be reattached. However, its difficult when they bend the backs of them or lose the backs altogether. Lucky Sydney, that you were able to get it put together before Daddy got home.