Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

We usually decorate the 1st Saturday in December. But did you know there are only 4 of them left this year?....Saturdays, that is!
Super bonus, the earlier you buy your tree, the better selection you have! I know first-hand. Remember the year Dad thought it would be a good idea to wait until Christmas Eve to buy the tree??? We ended up with 3 table top trees tied together, top to bottom! Ahhh, the memories.
This year our tree is so fresh, and smells SOOOOO good. Chris said the guy at the lot said they just came in on Wednesday. I'm not one who could ever do the artificial tree route, I love the smell of a real tree way too much. Not as convenient, I know, but worth it to me.
It takes all day to clean, straighten, move furniture and set everything up. When it is done, we REALLY enjoy relaxing and enjoying the tree. One of the traditions on my side of the family that we really enjoy is the ornament exchange. Each year every one of my siblings' families (7 of us) and my parents send an ornament (sometimes homemade, othertimes not, depending on how busy the family happens to be that year). It is so wonderful to remember the loved ones who sent the ornaments as we decorate the tree, and the memories associated. Hey Clines, remember the Davises' Big Ash Crack of 2003? LOL! We love ya!
We are so glad the holiday season is here. Hope all of you are enjoying the sweet feelings that wash over us as we remember Christ. Merry Christmas!


  1. 2003 was quite a remarkable year for us -- and thanks to Jesse's slicing of aged wood, we have ornaments to commemorate it! We ALL chuckle when we hang that ornament every year, this year included! I think Judd coined the phrase when I was on the phone telling him about the big crack in our ash tree and how it fell to the ground in 3 pieces, over the course of 2 horrible midwestern storms! We always think of how our house was barely spared by inches the night I came home from the hospital with a pin in my broken finger. What a wild ride. Can't believe we did that. And lived to tell. Looking forward to Cline ornaments this year? What will yours be?

  2. LOL at the charlie brown Christmas tree and the Big Ash Crack of 2003! Good memories!

    I'm so excited that I already have some decorations up for my arrival back home tomorrow. And I'm looking forward to decorating our big tree this week. Only 3 more shopping Saturdays - yikes!

  3. There are a few benefits to having such a high ceiling and your huge tree is one of them. BEAUTIFUL Girl!

  4. What a gorgeous tree! It's so fun to catch up with you and see your gorgeous kids! You haven't changed a BIT-- you look GREAT!! Because Craig is still in Iraq we will be coming to SLC for the holidays. I know it's a hectic time of year but maybe we could get together :) do lunch or something! Thanks for "finding"" me!