Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time in Zion

The kids had Parent Teacher Conferences last week. Which meant, no school Friday....and Chris had Tuesday off for Veteran's Day, being a government employee :)... So we took the opportunity as an excuse to cruise south to St George and Zion National Park. Chris and I have been, of course. The kids have not. Perfect opportunity. It was a fun weekend of hiking, picnicing, playing, eating dinner out (I'm sure this was the highlight for the kids, as much as they love an excuse to eat out) and being together.
They had a blast on the trails, and the backdrop was absolutely breathtaking. We took alot of scenic shots. It was also a great time of year to go! In the past we have been in May and July and the temps were very warm to say the least. This time we had a gorgeous day the 1st day, temps in the 60s and drizzle and 40-50s the next. But it was wonderful hiking and exploring weather. We're thinking when the kids are a bit older we'll brave the Narrows again. Chris and I did that PK (pre-kids) and it was incredible. Another hike that we'll have to wait on for LATER ON (when the kids aren't bound to run off an edge) is Angel's Landing. It's pretty strenuous and has a segment where there are steep cliffs on both sides of the trail. Folks have fallen and died from that trail in the past. I hear it's pretty amazing though. Maybe a few trips down the road!


  1. We love Zions!! Looks like you all had a great time. Hike some for us.

  2. What a fun trip. We were down in St. George last weekend too. We went hiking (can't really call it hiking) in Snow Canyon. Sooooo pretty!!

  3. That pic of Syd in the backpack looks so much like her daddy! I'm always amazed that I can see so much of both of you in her face and personality.