Monday, November 3, 2008

Hope your's was SpOoKy Too!

Sydney as Fifi. She LOVES doggies, so this was perfect for her. When we went trick-or-treating she would say, "I'm Fifi!" to the person at the door. Sometimes she would say trick or treat too, but it kind of sounded the same to everyone but me! She loved it, and was so excited about all the candy. She has a serious sweet tooth.
All dressed up for the school parade and Halloween parties at school. Gunnar was a little bummed he couldn't bring his daggers and ninja sword, but he got over it.
Sydney's first year carving, she got in some good jabs. We finally got wise this year and carved our pumpkins on Halloween EVE, that way we're not totally stressed trying to get it done before or after dinner and doing the mad costume rush before the trick-or-treating starts.. Good plan. I'm surprised it took me so long to figure that out. Gosh.
The pumpkins were extra fun this year!
Cyclops (Gunnar), Egyptian (Me and Sydney), Scarecrow (Savi), and scariest of all - DOW 5000 (guess who)!!
Chris wanted to dress up as a Naked Short Seller this year. Sadly we didn't have anything flesh colored on hand, and we didn't want to totally freak out our neighbors, so it was just the kids who ended up in costume.
Halloween night. Dinner, check. Costumes, check. Rain??? Well, at least it's warm.
It was 65 degrees, but drizzling. We decided we would brave it, and it wasn't too bad at all. The kids went door to door, RUNNING. Dad tried to keep up with them. Mom and Sydney were doing almost every other door, the big kids we so quick and we were hardly keeping up. We are so lucky to live in such a great area. There were tons of kids and families out in force. We never got trick-or-treaters at our last we know how rare it can be these days. We lasted about an hour, and then Gunnar said his bag was too heavy and he was ready to go home. Never thought I'd hear that from him! When we got back it was only 8 pm so we let the kids hand out candy to all the door knockers, and I made popcorn so that they would have something to mix with all the sugar they were ingesting!
We had a wonderful time and built some good memories. Hope your Halloween was as happy as ours.


  1. Isn't halloween hectic? We T or T'ed some neighbors (3) and then went to the church for the most awesome trunk-or-treat I've been to! They had a tractor train (no joke) for the children making a loop around the parking lot (the side away from the trunk or treat cars and kids, TONS of spooky decorations, the ADULTS dressed up to the hilt this year and they had tons of chili and cornbread and salad, so I didn't have to feed the kids before we left. Socializing was fun (not in the political sense of the term "socialism") and we met lots of new people, who coincidentally are from the Bay Area, know Mark's siblings from high school, have kids exactly our ages -- so good to be getting a network of friends again. It always takes a while after we move to get that set up.... then we came home and let the kids gorge on candy while we watched a spooky movie on the Disney channel "Who let the ghosts out?". Then I confiscated the candy, cleaned the sticky off the carpet and put everyone to bed. Phew!

    Your pics are so cute -- I am glad you had a neighborhood blast!!!

  2. It was such a fun night. Your kids looked so cute (girls) and cool (Gunnar)!!!